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XP3 MS Summer 2017

XP3 MS Summer 2017

12 weeks of curriculum!

IF/THEN: A 3-week series about who Jesus is . . . and what we’re going to do about it. Because if He is who He says He is, then we need to decide how we’re going to respond to Him.
KEEP IT WEIRD: A 2-week series about how being different can make us feel weird, but since we’re made in God’s image, those qualities make us wonderful and give us value and worth.
THROUGH THE DARKNESS: A 3-week series about how dark and difficult times are inevitable, but God loves us through it all and encourages us to feel the pain, heal, and be a friend to those who are hurting.
LIMITLESS: A 4-week series about how even though we may be given labels, make bad decisions, have weaknesses, and experience negativity in our lives, with God, our potential and self-worth aren’t limited or defined by these things.

For a detailed look at our Summer Season, check out our Summer Season Guide!

Twelve weeks of of curriculum, designed with a middle schooler in mind. XP3 Middle School is about helping you do more than just great teaching (although we’ve got that covered, too) - it’s about helping you create quality environments, from start to finish.

  • Teaching scripts
  • Teaching videos
  • Small group conversation guides
  • Graphic and video support
  • Game ideas
  • Social media plans
  • Emails for your parents and leaders
  • Training for you and your staff
  • And a lot more!

  • Choose between Compact ($195/season) or Plus ($265/season)
    We recommend...
  • Compact for 10 or fewer middle schoolers
  • Plus for 10 or more middle schoolers

  • For more information, visit our Pricing Page.

    All series in this season are packaged specially for you! You will be e-mailed content separately roughly 35-40 minutes after your purchase.
    Our price: $195.00