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Wonder! Look At God's Story: Big News - April 2018 (Download)

Wonder! Look At God's Story: Big News - April 2018 (Download)
Preschoolers learn at an amazing rate. During the first years of life, preschoolers’ brains go through a series of incredible changes, with every experience making a lasting impression. Each exposure to a concept, skill, or idea begins to build a preschooler’s learning foundation.

The Wonder! Look at God’s Story DOWNLOAD introduces preschoolers to God’s story and helps them build a spiritual foundation on His truth. Each week, you will find an engaging, interactive and relevant telling of one of the stories found in the Bible as well as introductory and wrap up sketches connecting that story to a preschooler’s world.

Since learning is so critical during these early years, we want to seize every opportunity to give preschoolers a great first impression of their loving heavenly Father who made them, and loves them, and of Jesus who wants to be their friend forever.

This DOWNLOAD is for the featured series Big News (April 2018) and is directly compatible with the Make It True section of the First Look curriculum.

Theme: Big News!

Bottom Line: I can tell others about Jesus.

Week One: Easter

Week Two: Early Church

Week Three: Saul to Paul

Week Four: Paul and Silas

Week Five: Peter and John

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