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Become Your Best US Small Group Study

Become Your Best US Small Group Study
Become Your Best US Small Group Study
Every married couple is unique. They’re an US. There are things they like to do, places they like to go, histories that are their own. And whether they are loving their US, wondering if their US is going to make it, or somewhere in between, every couple at some level wants to become their best US. They just may not be sure how.

So while the way we are wired both individually and as a couple may be different . . .
While our stage of life might be different . . .
While our situations may be different . . .
There are some great marital habits that empower all of us—specifically four core habits that come from the Bible that can help every couple become their best US.

Become Your Best US is a five session small group study.
Session 1: Become Your Best US . . . Habits
Session 2: Become Your Best US . . . Have Serious Fun
Session 3: Become Your Best US . . . Love God First
Session 4: Become Your Best US . . . Respect and Love (This session can be broken into an optional additional session.)
Session 5: Become Your Best US . . . Practice Your Promise

The two-disc Become Your Best US Small Group Study includes:
• Disc 1: DVD with teaching videos*
• Disc 2: Disc containing the following files
- Leader’s Guide (Adobe PDF and Word)
- Exercises (Adobe PDF) for Session 4
- Teaching videos (in MP4 format)
- Teaching video scripts for each session (for those who prefer to teach live)
- Social media/text images to send out “For the Ride Home” and “This Week” following each session

Preview from Small Group Session 1

Participant’s Guides are sold separately and in digital format only. For more information, click here.

Additional DVDs for multiple small groups or Sunday school classes may be purchased by contacting us at info@marriedpeople.org

(Note: The Become Your Best US Small Group Study is part of the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, US, along with many other great resources. For more information about the Strategy Pack, click here.)
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