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AMPED Backpack (Set of 12)

AMPED Backpack (Set of 12)
Carry the reminder to LIVE FULLY ALIVE everywhere you go this summer. Kids of all ages will love keeping their stuff in our AMPED-themed backpacks! These backpacks can be used the week of your event and for the rest of the summer! Volunteer gift idea: Your volunteers will love to have a cool, reusable bag to tote their rosters, schedules, first aid kits, and teaching materials!

Backpacks are sold in sets of 12.

Backpacks are 14" wide and 18" tall.
Weight 1.25 lbs
Our price: $14.00
Quantity Price
6-10 Items $13.75
11-25 Items $13.50
26-50 Items $13.25
51+ Items $13.00